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Paternity Testing
Standard Paternity Test - Alleged Father & Child - $495
DNA from cheek cells is painlessly collected using a buccal swab.
Photographic ID is copied to verify the identity of each participant.
Information is collected and recorded on identity sheets.
A photo is taken at the time of the test for chain of custody identification.
Results are available in 4-business days.
Next day results are also available.

Immigration - $600
For residents of the United States who are interested in helping a family member immigrate here, a DNA test can speed up the process.  A "painless" cheek cell sample will be taken here and a DNA Kit will be sent to the US Consulate where the relative lives If there is a DNA match the results will be sent to Homeland Security and the application will be elevated to a higher level.

Ethnicity Test - $200
Discover your rich heritage with DNA testing.  This test determines where your family originated.

Grandparentage Test - $650
To establish a familial relationship between a grandparent and grandchild.

Siblingship - $650
To establish whether 2-individuals are brothers or sisters.